Pressure Hydrometallurgy 2004
34th Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting

International Conference on the use of
Pressure Vessels of Metals Extraction & Recovery



Pressure Hydrometallurgy 2004 will bring together internationally recognized scientists and engineers from metal producers, equipment suppliers, engineering firms, test laboratories and academia to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Through this interaction the conference hopes to record the current state-of-the-art in this field and further the development of pressure hydrometallurgy.

The international flavour of the Conference is evident by abstracts received from Australia, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, the USA and Yugoslavia. The conference will provide an engineering, production, economic and academic perspective on the following topics:

  • Past, present and future outlook of industrial operations
  • Pressure leaching of sulfide concentrates and nickel laterites
  • Pressure oxidation of refractory gold feeds
  • Pressure hydrometallurgy of copper and zinc
  • Alumina, rare earths and new material production by pressure hydrometallurgy
  • Hydrogen reduction
  • Recycling of wastes
  • Platinum group metals and processing of mattes
  • Piloting and new process development
  • Design and materials selection of autoclaves and auxiliary equipment
  • Measurement and process control
  • Chemistry, kinetics, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics and modeling of autoclave processes